Tuesday , 23 December 2014

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Burlingame tailgate starts season off right

Junior Tera Earlywine spreads the word about Relay for Life



Freshman Daniel Dobson spends some time at the putting station




Junior Elliot Dobson sings "I Get Around" by the Beach Boys


Senior Chris Flygare jumps up for the block


The saxophone players play a song by Lady Gaga


Burlingame students break out in the "Wobble" dance


Senior Meghan Ferer participates in bra pong, a fundraiser for Relay for Life


The varsity cheerleaders finish their routine.


The varsity football team runs out to the field


Senior Grace Hu paints a flower at the face painting station



Junior Manase Palu embraces a teammate after scoring a touchdown



 Photos By: Marika Rundle


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