Wednesday , 24 December 2014

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BHS students save their spirit at the LBG Rally


Sophomore Michael Winnett answers one of the trivia questions


Sophomore Eliza Stanton strikes a pose during the cheer


The seniors display their victorious banner


The sophomore dance leaves the crowd laughing


The juniors show off one of their moves


Junior Michael Devincenzi leads a new dance move


Junior Homecoming Prince Adrian Eaton and Princess Allie Brissman accept their nominations


Freshman Max Urbani plays Batman in the freshman dance


Freshman Ben Garrison is lifted up in the freshmen dance team


The seniors show off their unique outfits


Seniors Garrett Shubiner, Omar Allan and Carson Wong dance around senior Robert Hauselt


Seniors Robert Hauselt and Drew Willoughby strut their stuff


Sophomore Brian Bakar tosses the frisbee at a teddy bear


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