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Secret creator of Burlingame High School Compliments Facebook Page revealed

Have you been dying to know whom you have been telling your secret compliments to online?

Well, the cat is out of the bag. Senior Selena Silverman is the mastermind behind  the Burlingame High School Compliments page.

Silverman’s compliment’s page has had a large impact on Burlingame High School, but how did Silverman come up with this idea?

“I created the page because there was so much negativity and hate floating around,” Silverman said.

Silverman heard the idea from another school and decided to bring it to BHS because she felt the school needed something positive.

“I think the compliments page was a great idea because it gives people a confidence boost and makes people feel good about themselves,” sophomore Hannah Smith said.

The rest of the school seemed to agree with Smith because the page quickly became popular. In fact, the Facebook page became so popular due to the large  students messaging the page with compliments, Silverman could not run the page by herself.

During fall finals, junior Tera Earlywine offered to help with the posts.

“We published every compliment except for the occasional inappropriate comments boys would write about girls,” Earlywine said. “We tried to filter the immature compliments out.”

Since anyone can view the page, Earlywine and Silverman sometimes receive messages from other schools.

“Kids from other schools would message the page every now and again saying how lame the idea is,” Earlywine said.

However, the response at BHS was positive.

“When I saw a compliment about me on the page, my whole day was made because people are not telling you nice things every day,” junior Bailey Gebhard said.

“The compliment I received made me feel good because it let me know that someone thinks about me in such a positive way,” junior Ernie Ribera said.

But, students say the best part about the compliment page is that other people can “like” a compliment post.

“When people “like” a compliment about you it makes you feel like a whole group of people are giving you that same compliment,” junior Michael Sandor said. “It’s an awesome feeling.”

Even Vice Principal Brent Daniels loves the idea.

“I heard some students sharing that they received compliments on the page and how it made them feel good,” Daniel said. “I think the page has benefited the school.”

“My plan with creating the page was to change the school for the better,” Silverman said.

“I applaud the person who has created the page,” Daniels said.

So now that everyone knows who created the page, what is its future?

“The compliments page was made to be a tool for kindness. I hope that now people can give each other compliments face-to-face,” Earlywine said.

By Hannah Wren Staff Reporter

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